Detroit | Dancefloor | Divas | Stop Trying to be God

Good day mi Gente! Douglas Lee Ortiz is the real motherfucker. He takes care of your doctor like no other. He’s a good guy. I feel like working. I’m fully recuperated, fully energized. Did the classes yesterday. Dude is off the chain! He just allowed me to be myself, allowed me to do my bullshit […]

Waking up in Detroit | Facebook killa

Good day good day good day. Listen my people from Instagram, don’t even worry about it, what happened on Facebook because y’all niggas safe. I don’t have to delete or block anyone right here… well, just don’t say the wrong shit. But for Facebook? Hahahahha, yesterday was your judgement day. I went petty on these […]

Lately | Feelings | Life | Love

Lately have been interested in crazy  shit, please don’t ask me why I’ll have to kill you if I told you. I guess I have to since I got back on my writing. I used to care so much about others even motherfuckers that show me no love. But lately I just became an inch […]

Captain Kizomba | Take over the plane | Detroit

I’m so thirsty I need a beer. Good morning my people, it’s your unapologetic motherfucker Dr. Kizomba! On my way to Detroit. I’m trying to understand why my voice is coming out so deep, and then I have flashbacks coming to head over a midget in Mexico in Spiderman suit dancing on top of the […]

ADC | Goodbye LA | Yolo

I dunno how to start but I believe that my body is on 35%. I have a nice song that I picked up a line: I drink till I drank I smoke till I’m high A castle on the hill Wake up in the sky You can’t tell me I ain’t fly You can’t tell […]

Kitaba Social | Bye Montreal | North Carolina

Sup Gang Gang it’s your traveling blogger Dr. Kizomba aka the unapologetic mofo. Before I even start talking about anything let me tell you about Kitaba last night! Ohh Lord, the ladies where hiding, too much dancing, the guys applying fire technique mixed with smoothness, a harmonic dance floor,smiling genuinely ufff. I can keep going […]

Dr. Kizomba Wear | Kitaba Social | Mtl

✍🏿 Good morning, my people! It’s your boy, Dr. Kizomba. Today I woke up feeling like a million bucks! The Semba class- off the chain last night! I was happy to see my students with a real joy on my face. Yes and I can say I miss my students because I miss them. ✍🏿 […]

Chicago | Afro Summer Love Fest | Airport | Toronto

🐳 Lawd Chicago I missed you so much like for years, I have to thank Big Brother Kimani + Little sister Shafeehaaa and the team to put this amazing event together in Chi – Town. Saw old friends meet new friends and partied like a motherfucka. By the way nice crib y’all leaving large beautiful […]

Travel Blog | Chicago | Afro Summer Love Fest

Woke up this morning real fast, got the phone call from the promoter telling me that the flight to Chicago was cancelled. Don’t really know what the fuck that mean. So. Found out that the flight was delayed, not cancelled. Well it was cancelled but it got rebooked, but whatever. I was planning on just […]

Back to Writing | Back to the Barber | Back to Steak

Ooooff Jesus. Craziest thing in the world, Mi Gente. Remember the story about the Spider-Man phone? Can you believe? Someone stole my Spider-Man phone! Your boy Dr. Kizomba was planning on going to the Apple store and fixing my screen but the thief didn’t even allow me to do that. They stole my Spider-Man phone. […]